The Victoria’s Secret & Co. Impact Fund: A Philanthropic Overview

VS&Co is excited to continue its mission of advancing gender equality and empowering voices in the communities where the VS20—a group of innovative creatives—live, operate, and make their art.  

The fund launched in September 2023, and we’re proud to share the next steps in our journey.  

Priyanka Chopra Jonas x VS&CO 

We’ve invited the acclaimed actress, producer, entrepreneur, and long-time VS collaborator to serve as a continued ambassador through some upcoming brand moments in spring 2024, including sharing The Victoria’s Secret & Co. Impact Fund updates via social, hosting fireside chats with beneficiaries of the impact fund, facilitating Q&As during Women’s History Month, and more.  

Learn About the Victoria’s Secret & Co. Impact Fund Beneficiary Organizations  



African Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum 

What it is: An award-winning pan-African women’s economic empowerment group. 

Our commitment: We are supporting a seven-month program to enhance the investment readiness of early-and-growth-stage women-led businesses. This is designed to support women founders and owners from different sectors of Nigeria—preparing them to be investor-ready and facilitate access to funding and investment opportunities for scaling.  

KUTA Arts Foundation 

What it is: An organization that supports creativity and funding for the work of Nigeria’s up-and-coming artists.  

Our commitment: We are investing in 10 emerging women artists to participate in a residency from February – August 2024. This in-person program provides a safe space and art supplies (among other educational resources) to participants. The women connect with established professionals who guide them as they develop their work over the course of three months.  



What it is: A social enterprise with more than 33 years of experience working to advance gender equality in Latin America. Their holistic and comprehensive model focuses on expanding Latin American women’s access to health services, enable their financial inclusion, and providing them with skilling opportunities. 

Our commitment: We are granting five hundred Colombian women entrepreneurs access to Emprende Pro Mujer’s digital platform which has already changed the lives of more than 42,000 women in the region. With our support, Pro Mejur will also be able to increase the educational content that is available for women in the region. 


What it is: An organization that establishes residencies for international and national emerging artists—driving women’s business leadership and entrepreneurship.  

Our commitment: The Victoria’s Secret Fellowship for Artists Residencies at Fundacion Arte Sumapaz will provide 12 one-month residencies to Colombian women creatives. The impact aims to leave a lasting mark on the lives of communities around the world.  



Japanese Institute for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship  

What it is: An organization that helps people unlock their full potential to promote social change with an innovative mindset and entrepreneurial spirit.  

Our commitment: We will sponsor representatives attending the May 2024 Women’s Initiative for Sustainable Empowerment, inspiring women and younger generations to lead in rebuilding eco-friendly communities. It will also host a three-day innovation challenge in traditionally male-dominated rural areas in Japan, fostering a cross-regional, inclusive platform for social entrepreneurs.  



What it is: A UK charity that exists to give women the confidence they need to fulfil their potential, succeed at interviews, and transform their lives. As a direct response to growing needs in the UK, it is the Smart Works mission that any unemployed women should be able to find her way to a Smart Works center, and get the coaching, clothing, and confidence she needs to succeed.  

Our commitment: Smart Works exists to help marginalized women break the cycle of rejection and deprivation that results from unemployment. The Impact Fund will support a significant area of female unemployment in the UK by focusing on our work in London, which has approximately three times as many unemployed women than any other area of the UK. 


What it is: This organization supports creatively fearless minds of the future. Their aim is to nourish those who have incredible talent and artistic ability and those willing to push boundaries and overturn prevailing orthodoxies. Established by Lee McQueen, Sarabande offers scholarships at leading universities, houses 32 heavily subsidized artist studios in London, and runs a pioneering public program of events. 

Our commitment: Victoria’s Secret is supporting Sarabande Foundation’s International Women’s Day exhibition, Earth Monsters, March 6-13. This will provide opportunities for Sarabande Foundation artists who identify as women to execute their visions with financial freedom—giving them the chance to be fearless in their creativity.