Celebrating Black History Month 

Illustration by Sabrena Khadija.

As a brand, we understand the significance of a diverse community of individuals with different backgrounds, qualities, and talents. Embracing and fostering that diversity is what makes us stronger. We’re being intentional about taking time to spotlight and amplify Black people and culture while also reflecting on how we can continue to make meaningful change in our communities. This year, we’ve partnered with Columbus Fashion Alliance (CFA) to provide resources, mentorship, and more—it’s important to play a role in ushering in influential talent right here, where we’re headquartered. Read on to learn more.

Our Partnership with the Columbus Fashion Alliance

Discover this collective of creators, passionate about the fashion industry in Columbus. Its goal is to support the growth of creatives and fashion-based businesses through multiple facets.

With Columbus quickly becoming a destination for talent within the fashion industry, we’ve teamed up with this inspiring organization to help us learn, grow, and advocate by providing resources and mentorship from our internal industry experts.

The initiative will kick off with our inclusion resource group, MOSAIC, partnering with CFA for its inaugural Ready to WERK program, a DEI pilot designed to empower People of Color to move their careers forward in fashion. This program is focused on two tracks, and 10 individuals will receive the opportunity to participate in one of the below: 

•  The Retail Readiness Track: A four-week fashion boot camp built around learning about the fundamentals of retail and how cross-functional teams work across merchandising, marketing, visual merchandising, production, and design. Plus, participants will receive invaluable career and professional development advice.

•  The Entrepreneurship Track: These participants will have the opportunity to bring their brands to market in a retail store and work closely with marketplace employees on a strategy for digital merchandising and visual merchandising, and all aspects of marketing. Plus, they’ll receive assistance on the business development side of the industry through workshops.

We are so excited about this opportunity to partner with VS&Co and MOSAIC. By bridging the gap between industry and community, we can start to create the same energy and cultural exchange that you see in fashion cities like New York and L.A.” – Yohannan Terrell, CFA Founder

Want to learn more ways to support the CFA?

Get to Know Mosaic

Discover VS&Co’s Inclusion Resource Group (IRG) for our Black associates and allies. Its mission is to promote a dynamic and culturally enriched work environment that helps recruit, retain, and empower diverse people to thrive at our brand.  

IRG members strive to serve as leaders in the business, supporting efforts to foster an inclusive workspace by hosting year-round events and activations for all associates, including support for, and participation at the National Urban League conference, professional development, networking events, community volunteer opportunities, and more.  

All associates are welcome to participate and join Mosaic, because you don’t have to be to belong. 

Spotlight on Sierra Barlow, Mosaic Communications Lead

“I’m thrilled for MOASIC to partner with the Columbus Fashion Alliance! They help artists breakthrough on such a larger scale. It’s truly an honor.” 

Spotlight on Sabrena Khadija

Meet the non-binary artist and illustrator partnering with us this Black History Month. Through their avid exploration of shape, color, nature, and the human spirit, they seek to create art that sparks joy in meaningful and impactful ways.