Candice Huffine’s Love List 

This fall one of our favorite iconic models sealed the deal on her own love connection, marrying now-wife Shelly Lynch-Sparks in a Las Vegas chapel. Huffine was a vision in white lace, wearing a Christian Siriano-designed corset with sheer pants (Lynch-Sparks chose a killer white Gucci suit with black lapels), and, naturally, the ceremony was officiated by a female Elvis impersonator. Huffine admits that she is a person who loves love: “There is just no greater or more fun feeling,” she says. But while we know who the object of her affection is, we wanted to know some of the other stuff that sets this beloved supermodel’s (and, more recently coffee shop owner; Huffine and her wife own One Trick Pony in Westhampton) heart aflutter.  

Getting Snowed In

“’Tis the season for holing up with snacks, a fire, your love and without a care in the world.” 

Gin Rummy 

“We play this card game almost every night. It’s my favorite analog way to unwind.” 


“Mine in particular: Dolly the Bernadoodle and Jerry the Dachshund who are the silliest, greatest buddies around.” 

Giving Personalities and Storylines to Inanimate Objects

“I’ve been known to create an entire identity for a plant and crack myself up. Listen, you can make anything fun with a little imagination.” 

Long Walks on Blue-Sky Days

“There just isn’t anything greater.” 

An Ice Cold Martini 

“I order mine ‘vigorously shaken with a twist.’ *Chefs (frozen) kiss” 

Cold Brew 

“I’m committed 365 days a year. So committed that I opened a coffee shop so I can never be without 😉 Cheers to One Trick Pony!” 

Art with Words

“Don’t even put an Eric Stefanski piece in my sightline, I’ll need it immediately.” 

Deep Meaningful Lyrics That Make You Cry

“Did you feel that? Let me turn it up and play it again for you.” 

Live Music 

“This should be added to the modern-day love languages. Seeing shows and feeling music and sharing a live experience is mine.” 

Vintage Trucks

“I took my first driving test in a truck when I was 15. I’m obsessed!” 


“I love to collect them from my favorite places and make [custom ones] for my own special occasions.” 

Sheer Anything 

“I love to be cheeky in so many ways.” 

Antique Gold Charms and Chains

“Minimum of four chains on the neck at all times, that’s the motto. ;)” 

Lip Masks

“Must be in every purse, drawer and corner of my universe.” 

Being Home 

“When you’ve been traveling for 23 years, sometimes home is the hottest destination on the map.” 

Rain on a Sunday Morning

“Sounds like a country song with a 12 out of 10 chance of me opening the window to hear it fall.” 

My Grandmother’s Poetry 

“She was a free spirit whom I deeply admire and who self-published her work in the ‘70s.”  

Shelly Lynch-Sparks 

“What can I say, I literally married my best friend!” 

Fiorella is a writer, editor, creative, and brand consultant. She is a contributing editor at The Wall Street Journal, her writing has appeared in Vogue, Town & Country, Allure, and New York Magazine, among others; and she has worked with brands like Google, La Mer, and Madewell. She lives in Brooklyn with her partner, daughter, and dog.