From Stepping to Schlepping: Why You NEED the Featherweight Max Front-Close Sports Bra

Originally, there was the iconic Featherweight Max Sports Bra (eruption of applause). But now, the Featherweight Max is back with a front-zip closure, strappy-back detailing, and fun, fall-forward colors.

I’ll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor.

So, as any overly ambitious writer would, I got myself a hot-off-the-shelves sample and signed myself up for five different types of workouts to put this bra to the test (I was on a strict five-day loan for this bra—so my commitment to this piece of journalism and my lack of commitment to sleeping in is very real).

You may remember, I put the original version to the test with a 24-hour trial, so this time we’re talking workout ideas and how the updated Featherweight Max stands up against them.

Day 1: Hot Girl Walk

Long-distance walking is my favorite form of exercise. It’s a great workout for beginners or just something to include in your regular workout schedule. I decided to give this bra a warmup with a workout that wasn’t over-the-top high intensity. I wore the bra as a top with leggings and sneakers and felt super secure and covered—sometimes when I only wear a sports bra, I feel a little exposed, but this gave me good coverage without feeling bulky.

Day 2: Volleyball

I love getting a team sport into my workout plan because it feels less like exercise and more like socializing (and that’s on beating the system). This really put the bra to the test—I was bumping, setting, spiking, and *serving*. Usually when I play volleyball, I need to readjust my bra under my shirt whenever I dive or jump etc., but this trusty Victoria’s Secret sports bra stayed in place through all three games (that we lost…but that’s not the fault of the bra).

Featherweight Max Front-Close Sports Bra

Day 3: Cycling

The only bikes I ride are stationary. That feels like that could be traced back to my Virgo roots and type-a personality, but we’ll let the stars work that out. Cycling classes call for major bounce control—you’re up, down, left, right, and center. I knew the OG FWM kept everything in place, but the zipper front adds even more compression, so I was feeling confident and riding front row (IYKYK).

Day 4: Yoga

Okay, by this point my workout plan needed a serious moment of Zen. I took my Featherweight Max Sports Bra out for a little downward dog and a lot of Shavasana. While I wasn’t quite twisting myself into a pretzel, I can confidently say this bra passes the pose test—if you’re capable of a handstand, you’re ready for lift off.

Day 5: Schlepping

I helped a friend move and was tasked with transporting a basket of various items from the Lower East Side in Manhattan to Williamsburg in Brooklyn. I was going to take an Uber…then I said…I’ll walk. The basket only got heavier as I made the multiple-miles trek—and while I now have a bruise on my hip and my arms feel like spaghetti, I probably would have called it quits if not for the love and support of the Featherweight Max holding me together.

Jenn is the Copy Director at Victoria’s Secret and has spent the past 10 years writing for brands like Club Monaco, Free People, SoulCycle, and more. She has a degree in English from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. When she’s not chipping away at Pulitzer Prize-winning copy (dream big, right?), you’ll find her living beyond her means by venturing to new restaurants, exploring local shops, and petting other people’s dogs.