What’s Your Zodiac Sign? There’s a Workout for That  

Get ready for Spring by breaking a sweat in style. 

Mar 21 – Apr 19 

You are an enthusiastic bundle of energy. You work hard and play hard, thanks to your ruling planet, warrior Mars. When it comes to exercise you want results NOW. You’re the one always at the front of the step class. Mars is your planet, making you literally a warrior, jam- packed with strength, endurance and ability. You leave it all out on the mat and like workouts that make you breathless and sweaty with exhaustion. You hate falling into a routine and need to mix things up to try a wide variety of exercises from martial arts to wind surfing. Mars rules iron, so try weightlifting as well.   


Spring is looking good for you, Aries! You feel the fresh breath of April in every fiber of your being. There is a Pink Full Moon that opens up lots of doors for all of us, but especially you during your birthday month. Take this opportunity to look at where you’re putting your energies. If it’s not working out, cut it.  

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Apr 20 – May 20 

Ruled by Venus, you’re a creature of sensory pleasures, of slippery, silky fabrics and pillowy couches. You love fine food, chocolates, and good bottles of wine. But… breaking a sweat? Not so much. As a disciple of this fairly hedonistic planet, you will have the most success if you get regular rewards for your efforts. Whatever sport you choose, it’s more important that you set yourself up with a good, motivating routine. Here’s what you’re going to do: Get a cute workout outfit. Then make a killer workout mix. And finally, prepare a post-fitness splurge, like an aromatherapy bath and a nice pair of silky PJs to slip into.   


Watch your wallet this month, Taurus. You’re itching for a bit of energy, excitement and glamour, and might impulsively splash out on instant pleasures to satisfy this without having the bank balance to afford it. When you need an instant mood boost try a new kind of workout or a fresh, interesting walking route. You’ll be glad when May rolls in with a healthy bank statement and more pep in your step.  

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MAY 21 – JUN 20 

Ruled by Mercury, you are filled with pep and a high metabolism. (lucky you!) You’re the quicksilver one, with an abundance of nervous energy. Try quick, active sports that stress agility rather than anything slow and meditative (like yoga), which might make you fidgety. You thrive on variety, so avoid any fitness or activity that’s too routine.  


Learn. Plan. Act. Change is on the horizon for you, and now is the time to start preparing. This month’s Pink full moon is stirring up emotions and sowing emotional instability, for all signs but as the nervous, high-strung one of the zodiac, you’ll feel this the most. Don’t overload it. Don’t pile on too much. Take good care of yourself.   

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JUN 21 – JUL 22 

Of all the zodiac signs, you’re the most sensual in nature. If you’re going to work out, you need it to physically feel good. Your best workout bet is water sports, since Cancer is a water sign and just being near it is powerful and soothing—like a tonic for your nerves.   

Swim, run on the beach, sail, wind surf, or try white water rafting–anything water-related! Avoid fitness programs that are overly regimented, have too many rules, or are bootcamp-y which you will rebel against and walk away from. The best motivator for you is to have a luxurious post-workout regimen to look forward to after you break a sweat.  


This April love blooms, creativity rules, emotions surge… but what else is new? But it’s not for nothing: The Pink full moon marks the start of a golden era for you. A time of positive change, dreams come true and a bigger bank balance. Make it rain. Under the influence of Venus in Aries, assertiveness increases. In April you’re brimming with confidence and self-belief (not often the case for this sign), so whatever it is you want, now’s the time to go get it.    

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JUL 23 – AUG 22 

Some of the world’s most famous hardbodies are Leos. You’re ruled by the Sun, which gives you strength, vitality and confidence. This really shows up in the workout arena. Famous fitness-fanatics like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Arnold Schwarzenegger are all Leos. You love to break a sweat… and really love showing off while doing it. Face it: Vanity is your most powerful motivator for ANYTHING. Go rollerblading, biking, or horseback riding out in the sunshine, in a cute outfit everyone will ooh and ahh over.    


This is a fabulous month for you. Positive career changes, money is coming in (yes—the stars literally say you’re making it rain right now) and relationships warm the soul. Watch out for inflated self-esteem (what, you?). Personally, the Pink Full Moon brings reconciliation with any fractured friendships or relationships. Bask in that warmth, it feels as good as a thousand Instagram likes.  

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AUG 23 – SEP 22 

Chilling out and being lazy is not your thing, Virgo. Your best quality is your insane, admirable endurance. So run, bike, hike to your heart’s content. That said, you Virgos need all the de-stressing you can get. You probably already have a go-to workout routine, but it would benefit you to add some easy, pleasant exercises like biking or walking. Everything doesn’t have to be a big ol’ project.

The month ahead:  

First, the bad news: This month is going to be full of a lot of annoying, technical difficulties that might test even super-efficient you. Don’t ignore the mounting problems—charge at them and take care of business. Because—and this is the good news—thanks to the Sun being in Aries, pretty much everything you tackle this month will work out in your favor and work out flawlessly. If you’re up for it, the Pink full moon is ready to give your love life a major boost—but only if you put your energy into it.

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SEP 23 – OCT 22 

Even in the dressed-down, slightly sweaty world of fitness, you Libras remain well-groomed and polished. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of seduction, beauty, love, fun, and comfort, and fittingly, you are full of grace, balance, and good coordination. Try any sport which requires them, like gymnastics or dancing. Working out in a dingy, badly-decorated gym or wearing a scruffy old sweatshirt will depress you. So, take that fitness-is-still-fashion motto seriously to stay motivated. 


It’s time to clean up your life: Toxic people, old energies, and bad experiences should be left in the past. The energy of the Sun in Aries instills a sense of confidence, making you forget about doubts. This is a good time to travel, change jobs or—most exciting for Libra fashion plates—change up your look. Venus in Aries brings chaos to everyone’s emotions this month, yours especially so do your best to keep them in check.

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OCT 23 – NOV 21

More than any other sign, you need exercise as an outlet. Intense, driven and often secretive, you Scorpios need an outlet for the powerful emotions that course through you day in and day out. Honestly, any strenuous sport will work for you: Boxing, hot yoga, or long-distance running will help use up all that energy and stress in a healthy way. Although your sign is highly competitive, you prefer to be alone when trying to unwind—don’t’ feel like you need to do a group workout.


Don’t be impulsive this month. You’re hot blooded and that’s hard for you, but it’s what the stars are saying in bright neon lights. DON’T. BE. IMPULSIVE. Unsettled spring weather causes extreme mood swings. On the upside, if you keep your cool, the decisions you make this month will be the right ones, and lead to great things.

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NOV 22 – DEC 21 

Lucky you! Being born under this sign almost guarantees that you’ll excel in at least one sport. (Fun fact: More Olympic champions are Sagittarius than any other sign.) You’ve got a lot going for you: strength, your own natural rhythm, speed and the confidence you’ll win (Jupiter sees to that). Funny and sociable, you enjoy a little friendly rivalry and sparring with friends when you exercise to keep you fully engaged and invested. Think a beach volleyball tournament, pick-up basketball game, or group dance class to keep you focused and excited. 


The first half of the month might be a little moody and stressful for you, but if you can push through the Pink Full Moon, the second half of the month will bring relief.   

It’s important to remember when things get stressy, your best tactic is to remain utterly calm and chill. Otherwise, it will become ten times worse. Don’t double down on work hours, scream at people close to you, or have a panic attack. Before you know it, whatever squalls you face will already be in your past. So, chill.

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DEC 22 – JAN 19 

You’re the Spartan warrior of the zodiac. On the plus side, that makes you strong and disciplined. On the minus side, it brings out a self-critical side—especially if you think you’ve been “lazy.” You probably use an exercise routine to ground all other aspects of your life. It makes you feel present, makes you look good, and adds structure to your day. Outdoor activities like hiking, jogging and rock-climbing work wonders for your somewhat tortured mind. Just beware of being too competitive or beating yourself up if you don’t meet expectations every single time.


Make moves, now Caps. Step away from the shadows and push yourself to the front and center. You’re slated to kick off new projects and earn many accolades with whatever is initiated this month. It’s important for you to work hard this month and capitalize on this moment. Love and friends will just have to take a backseat for now.

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JAN 20 – FEB 18 

You tend to live in the mind. You’re full of thoughts, dreams, stories—which is great, but sometimes you get so carried away with them, you forget you’ve been sitting on the couch for hours, not moving a muscle. Since you are so into electronics and all things new and shiny, exercise videos are the perfect option for you. They allow you the flexibility you want to work out on your own schedule, and, since any kind of rigid or consistent routine drives you nuts, so fight the inevitable boredom by having lots of different options. You want to do things when the spirit moves you, no matter what time it is.


Career ambitions in early April will take precedence over everything else Tune into your inner artist and let it all out, because your creative powers are at an all-time high this month. Delve deep into side hustles and moonshot projects – those will pay off well in new sources of income. Cha-ching!

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FEB 19 – MaR 20 

Graceful and coordinated, you aren’t interested in exercise for exercise’s sake. It’s where you go when you need time alone to center yourself. You don’t like having people watch you work out –especially if they then critique your performance. You want privacy so you can do your best without being self-conscious of looking silly. You Pisces always need to be engaged with what you’re doing.


Mood? Shady. Blame the stars. Venus is in Aries right now, increasing emotional instability across the board. But it will affect you a bit more than others (this seems to apply especially in the always-fraught romance department). Instead of snooping through phones and stalking Instagram, take a breath, wait a beat, then go tackle the world head-on and with honesty. Taking decisive, calm action this month will help you course-correct any mistakes of the past AND set you on a bright new path. Win-win!

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