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Victoria's Secret Bare

Boob Tape

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 | Praline
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product description

A solution that allows you to create your own discreet coverage and support system. With a strong hold that's gentle against skin.

  • Nearly invisible finish
  • Not recommended for sensitive skin
  • Imported

Application Instructions:

  • Wash your hands and clean the skin area where tape will be adhered. Skin must be free of oils, perfumes, powders, or other skincare products prior to use. Dry your skin completely.
  • Cut the fabric tape to your desired length.
  • Peel backing paper from the tape strip.
  • Firmly press the tape to your skin. Use of nipple covers is recommended if applying to the nipple area.
  • Repeat steps with additional tape to achieve desired look.

Removal Instructions:

  • Apply lotion, oil, or warm water to the tape and the tape edges.
  • Gently and slowly remove tape from skin.
  • Should there be any residue after removal, use oil to gently wipe area clean.
  • Tape is one-time use only. Discard after use.

Caution: Not recommended for people with sensitive skin. If you experience itching, irritation, burning, or discomfort of any kind, remove the product immediately. Do not use on open cuts, skin disorders, rashes, sun-damaged or burned skin, white patches, or skin depigmentation problems. Even if you have had no previous reaction to this or other similar products, sensitivity may occur. Do not wear overnight, and we recommend that you do not wear the adhesive tape for more than six hours.


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